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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Huge Thank You

It's not always glamorous behind the scenes; and credit is usually not given where it is due.

Last year, Montezuma received a face-lift with banners, hanging baskets, and new concrete planters. There was a real focus on making lasting improvements in regards to community beautification. This year, we were able to go even farther with a grant from Keep Iowa Beautiful to enhance our city entrance signs.

As someone who just stepped into this position three months ago, I have to pass on much of that credit to Terence Blain, who worked tirelessly and thanklessly last year to get the ball rolling in so many areas of community development. Also to be recognized is Kevin Kudart and the Electric Department for hanging and recently lowering the basket hangers by a foot. I know the volunteer watering crew is greatly appreciative.

Thank you also goes out to the Montezuma FFA for working closely with Montezuma Community Development to plant our baskets and planters this year. The baskets are yet to be hung, but the planters look fantastic.

Thank you to Vannoy Chevrolet for providing the equipment and water for the water tank.

Thank you to the community groups who have voluntarily adopted the city entrance signs and helped to plant them. They include the Montezuma Methodist Choir, the Montezuma Nursing and Rehab Center, the Montezuma Lions Club, and a Montezuma Young Adult  Small Group.

Thank you to those who have contributed to community beautification, as well. A special thanks to the Montezuma Public Library Board and the Poweshiek Leadership Program for their generous giving.

Even though Spring 2013 has been full of strange, rainy weather, the city has been planted and it looks beautiful. 

Thank you to all who participated. None of this is possible without your help. 


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